Hope Black Oak

There at the start of the Hope Cemetery in Doyestown Borough, one of the oldest residents of the town has been laid low. Closest resembling Black Oak, Quercus velutina, this tree was one of the wilded seedlings left alone when the forest was cut to make room for the cemeteries…

The ‘other’ Ash killer

Likely Anthracnose, these patches show up in the highest reaches of the canopy on a fallen 100+ yr old in the woods near my home. Not a single D hole on the stem. Been watching a supposed secondary pathogen take Ash for the last 10 years. Go figure.

WarWoman Dell

Quick Biome list of specie: Sourwood (weed!) – Oxydendron Silver Bell copse – Halesia sp. (not in fruit so, tetraptera?) Red/Silver Maple – Acer r&s Tupelo – Nyssa Rhododendron- Catawba Mtn Laurel – Kalmia (12″ stems along a creek) White Pine – P. strobus (the main thin canopy, 20/1) Short…


Elaeagnus base cut in a hedgerow in Pipersville…is there a spear in that hand? What voodoo is this!? Hard work on a summer day brings some curious delusions.


Stacked logs after a rain reveal a striking pattern…wiped out in a moment like rain on a windshield. Tea leaves? Message in (on) a bottle? Nature never hesitates to remind us to question our reality.

The good place

In Spring, when the soils warm up, I can count on planting to remind me of many things…but one thing is remarkable – a ball hole is a great place to sit.

Black Sap

Maybe not surprising to see that Poison Ivy has an ominously shaded, early spring flush of sap that a witch might harvest…or use to dye her clothes?! (cut smaller white PI stem stem in the Cherry it pulled over in Pipersville…)