May Horticultural Services Inc. is a company that grew out of a unique gardening apprenticeship, field-time with a production grower, and hikes throughout the foothills of the Appalacians in Western Maryland, West Virginia, and South Central PA.

Our intent is to combine traditional horticultural technique with natural know-how; to garden for beauty but with an engaged ecologic sensibility; and to use plantsmanship to build structure, balance, and a stronger sense of permanence and purpose in our livable landscapes.

Natural Design

  • Wild design incorporating local native complements into residential ecosystems – woodlands & meadows, water’s edge, ponds & streamways, rain gardens, & hedgerows
  • Natural bank stabilization programs and implementation for ponds, slopes, & waterways
  • Mass plantings to create groves, informal screens, bird & mammal habitat, butterfly gardens, & lawn tapestries

Pruning & Tree work – ISA certified & insured

  • Corrective limbwork, deadwooding, and Hazard Tree Evaluation & removals
  • Developmental pruning for young trees
  • Verti-mulching & deep-aeration for compacted, post construction sites
  • Recuperative fertilization programs for mature or declining trees


  • Technical advice on planning and design, maintenance, IPM,  & property mgmt.
  • Working tutorials for engaged clients
  • Garden mapping, curatorial record keeping, specimen and arboretum labeling
  • Yearly maintenance plans developed and administered
  • On-site training and supervision for in-house crews and groundskeepers
  • Master Planning for site development and projected installations

Traditional Property Management & Maintenance

  • Border management and enhancement
  • Vegetable garden, orchard, bramble, & arbor planning, planting, & care
  • Fine hedgework and hand shrubwork
  • Dynamic container plantings
  • Conservatory & Greenhouse management including long term care of large, potted tropicals and all care & maintenance for indoor plants

Plant Health Care (PHC) and Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

  • IPM & spray programs developed and implemented using organic/cultural methods 1st!
  • Garden pest & disease surveys for vegetable crops, orchards, and landscape ornamentals

Meadow & Pasture management

  • Planning, planting, and essential transitional care for managed meadows
  • Yearly maintenance, rogueing, harrow renovation, mow & burns, successional planting

Woodland Restoration

  • Harmonious planning, planting, and transitional care to enhance/revive wooded areas
  • Survey of native diversity and ecotype indexing
  • Survey of exotic invasives and targeted removal programs


See examples of our: Design Sitework Treework